martedì 7 maggio 2013


Here you have my new blog about drawings , paints , street works , things or just life from my point of view. I like thinking about art like an expression, like a way to speak with a picture.
I love images, I love their simply way to say something, like a sort of collective archetypes.
A primordial form of expression and  communication. For me is not important how you do something, but I like see what you want to say with your work.
If you have something to say, you can contact me at : 
I hope you enjoy with this page and that you can visit this blog to have fun or just to have an open dialogue with my pictures. I work also with video so here you have my vimeo’s profile :
thank you for read this words and see you soon, here or on the streets!
All can have a technique, but not all can use it with brain and heart.
Find your place.APAI.

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