The balance of research,This endeavor it's not for all.
In italian is "Sacrificio dei pochi"originally was (sacer + facere ) = make something sacred .
water based colors on wall.
Abandoned factory in Padova ,

"Linden Bract" 
Aeolic distribution of culture,trees protects their creations.
Inside the nature house,
somewhere in Padova.

Chilling day in a park with love,nature and drawing,
and finally this fast paint on a red bricks wall.
Water based paint with brush.

I had paint the wall of this abandoned house some days ago,
when I saw the place where I can paint(where there is no brick) I understand that a human figure can't be so complete to use all the space.
I decide to put in an animal figure that help the human spices to going over.
The animal help in this case is practice but at the same time metaphorical.
We are two different  inhabitant of this word and we have to stay well,collaborate and be complete together.
The Progress Generated by a cohesion.
Waiting for you.

Water based paint on wall,Padova

Only a shamanic spirit can convert the iron into a plant.
If you look at the plant you can see that she is going to have water inside forever.
Water based paint and spray on the wall of a dike in Padova.
A lot of water populated but also contaminated.


When the trees starts blowing,what is not too solid start to disappeared.
This time the nature is not something where the human can fall back on to search help.
It all makes sense.
Abandoned house somewhere in Padova.
Water based wall paint on wall,

Where the human are the minority,
be there.
Inside the nature.
Water based wall paint on iron.

Amor Totem.
I know that in our society the figure of the "totem" is considerate like something too much old and primitive.
But we forget the importance of the archetypes generated from this figure.
All the people need to be inspired,to feel the sense of protection from a spiritual entity.

Water based wall pain on a "tagged" door in a magical place in Padova.
Thank you, E.

This wall in collaboration with a friend of mine (the piece on left) was paint during a cold night of november on an abandoned hotel situated in a little country near Padova.
Water based paint on wall.

Street face, Padova

I have painted this wall in Valencia (ES) last summer.
I pass lovely time in this beautiful city.

We prefer to mask ourself .

False ideal can be dangerous.
This wall is next a river where few month ago a guy committed a suicide because was victim of persecution from the prejudice of this nation.

New type of movida.
I paint this wall near a place where too much people drink their brain during the summer night.
Padova ,2012

I enjoy to paint this legal wall during a festival "Paint for Justice " in Rho, an industrialized place near Milano.
The theme of the festival was the Justice.
Thanks to the organization for this opportunity.
Rho(MI) 2012

The Television catch our mind.
Abandoned place somewhere in Padova,

Wall in Padova,2012

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